Tuesday, 10. April 2012 - 04:37 Uhr


Dear Friends,
Sorry!!!!!I was actually busy with my final exams but now I am free and back to help you out with your stresses and problems.
Sometimes it happens that you lost your way to your happiness and you feel down.You feel depressed and sad all the times.You feel that the world is crashing sound and nothing is making sense to you.
Well the same thing happened with me.I lost my happiness.I forgot how to be happy.And then suddenly like once in the blue moon,I found  my happiness and I realized that it was always within me.......with me!
So let me tell you how to be happy:
1)Laugh and Smile......yes my dear buddy because you have to make your heart realize that you are still alive and you have the life within you.
2)Make new friends because sometimes talking to a stranger is a better perspective.
3)Spend your time doing those things which you want to do and not those things which you must do.
4)Hey!Why are you carrying you bag with you???Yes the bag of worries!!!Why don't you leave it???Its of no use!
5)Dance and sing because there is a song of happiness in your heart too.
I hope you'll be fine!!!!!!!!!!!
So friends lets say CHEEZ and SMILELaughing