It was 12.Midnight.Everyoe was asleep in Woodland Street. But, suddenly a loud shot sound of gun made Woodland Street’s people awake. All ran towards Mr. Garfield’s house from where the sound came. When I reached there, I found a loud crowd in his library and I saw the dreadful scene……….blood pool on the floor and Mr.Garifield lying in the midst of it drenched with blood. He was dead.

Within half hour Police reached on the site and then investigating and inquiring. But when the questions were asked to Mr. Torus, I was shocked to hear his replies.

Mr. Andrew Thomson who was in charge of this case asked Mr. Torus,”Sir would you tell us what kind of a person the victim was?”

“He was a very kind hearted person. I just don’t understand why anyone would want to kill him?’ replied Mr. Torus.

‘Well! That is what we have to find out that WHY and WHO killed Mr.Garifield?"The inspector replied.

I was shocked because social relations between Mr. Torus and Mr.Garifield. They both never used to leave a chance for generating troubles for each other and to hear such soft replies from Mr. Torus tongue about Mr.Garifield was much more shocking. Mr.Garifield was a close friend of mine. I knew something was wrong and I suspected Mr. Torus .So next day I went to the Police station to report the matter. I told Mr. Andrew everything. He investigated a lot about Mr. Tours but he got nothing. A month was about to over and there was not even a slight progress in the case and then one fine black morning, when sun was hiding making us realize that we are under curse of the black clouds as I picked up the newspaper I read a very unexpected news, ‘SUSPECTED MAN MR.TORUS KILLED’.

Martha Daubreil, Bella Duvene and Jack Reynolds-these were the three names that came to my mind. ‘They are only persons who can solve this tingled unsolved mystery’ I thought because every head in Woodland Street was buzzed with just one question-“WHO WILL BE NEXT?”

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